How to Fix Missing Admin Bar Issue in WordPress

Recently, one of our users reported that they are missing the admin bar on their WordPress site, and asked for our help. The admin bar is a floating bar that appears on every page of your site when you are logged in. It contains some useful shortcuts to different sections of the WordPress admin area. In this article, we will show you how to fix the missing admin bar issue in WordPress.

Normal and Missing Admin Bar Examples

Video Tutorial

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Why Missing Admin Bar Issue Occur?

Usually this happens when a plugin or an active theme is not allowing WordPress to properly execute the code in the footer area of your website. This code is triggered with the function .

When a theme is missing this code, or a plugin does something that messes it up, then you will end up with a missing WordPress admin bar issue.

Fixing the Missing Admin Bar

The most common culprit causing this problem is a missing line in your theme. This function is usually found in a theme’s footer.php file just before the